The Medibank Melbourne Marathon was held last Sunday 15th October. Over 32,000 participants of all ages and capabilities tackling the full and half marathon, 10km run, 5.7km run and 3km run.

Sandie Alexander and her daughter Jayne participated in the 5.7km run/walk. And in her own words.

“My first ever and achieved it in 45.24 mins which was so rewarding. Running alongside 3181 competitors from 8 different countries in my race was both inspiring and uplifting. I felt energised as the pace went from fast walk to jog then gentle run.

The atmosphere was electric with music playing along the riverbank, crowds cheering as we passed by and the most emotional final lap around the MCG and over the finish line made it all worthwhile.
My fund raising was targeted for the Heart Foundation. I raised $865 to date but the Heart Foundation have reached an amazing total of $53,453 with donations still coming in.

My inspiration came from my wonderful father who would not have lived and survived to the amazing age of 91 (he passed away last December) without heart surgery twice at ages 56 and 61.

He was a great supporter of the Heart Foundation and was constantly thankful for the amazing work that was achieved through research and development.

Our son Tom is Digital Communications Coordinator at the National Heart Foundation in Melbourne and it was lovely to meet the team and be cheered on as we ran past their marquee.”